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What Makes Roof Ventilation Essential?



Damages on the roof cause by heat and moisture can cause some of the valuable items you store in your attic to get damage since the temperature in such area increase rapidly. The condensation that takes form inside the attics is caused by the constant use of bath tubs, washing machines, showers, and driers hence proper roof ventilation such as roof mounted wind turbine is highly necessary. There are some instances wherein the condensation is misidentified as a roof leak.


There are several problems encountered if there is unimproved roof ventilation.

Over time the plywood wear off and starts to become spongy which makes the whole attic area dangerous to walk on. What causes this phenomenon is exposure of the wood to air which contains water vapor that affects the durability of wood. As a result, the plywood wears off or starts to rot because of condensation.


If there are metals found in the attic more likely it will start to rust due to the water vapor that undergoes the process of condensation. Some of the things that undergo corrosion are metal plumbing straps, heads of the nails, straps that is responsible for keeping the ducts of the HVAC system together. This happens usually in places with humid climates.


As for some places with cold climates, frost formation on the roof deck is inevitable. If you want to know more about them then it would be best to look for information about dry rot.


The moisture that is trapped in the area caused by insulation is a favorable breeding ground for spores, fungi and molds which is problematic for homeowners.


The growth of such organisms can cause harm in the property as well as the health of the homeowners.

Eventually the roofing will start to wear off that is why installation of residential roof ventilation is one thing that most homeowners should not overlook.


It is also necessary to have the cooling units replaced once in a while for excessive usage of it might cause several problems.

It is also possible to form ice dams, this is caused by continues melting and freezing of snow on the roof which causes leaks on it. In order to eliminate those ice dams you can ask roof ventilation installers to set up heavy installation with air barrier.


As of today, there are wide options to choose from when it comes to attic vents that you can subscribe to from roof ventilation installers. Some of it includes ridge vents, cornice vents, power vents, static vents and other styles that suits to your needs.


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